The calendar says there are still a few weeks left before summer starts, but the people on the boardwalk this weekend don’t care what their calendars say.

It’s summertime in Ocean City, Maryland.

The beach is a place where people come and go. They stay a while. They have their fun. They go home happier and tanner than when they arrived. They don’t stay long enough to see the things you see. They don’t stay long enough to notice what’s wrong.

And that’s precisely why things hide in places like this one.

It’s easy to ignore them when your days are filled with sunbathing and mini golf, when you can let your eyes pass right over them, and tell yourself, You didn’t see that. Not really. It was a trick of the light.

It’s harder when this place is your home. You see the things that they don’t want to because you HAVE to see them, because you hear them slither between the bungalows on moonless nights, because you feel them grabbing at your feet just beneath the waves, because you see them hiding in the shadows on cloudy days.

But this summer there’s no more hiding.

The monsters are here. And the hunters are ready.

Cruel Summer

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